About Aveng

A small but ambitious business, Aveng was launched with two core values in mind:

  • Produce unique apparel both stylish and trend-setting

  • Provide support to our vibrant community of Edmonton and surrounding area

It’s not just about looking good but about doing good, which is why 10% of every sale goes towards the charity of the month. Our business model is tailored to provide fashionable streetwear suitable for teenagers and adults while also providing sustainable support to those braving what life throws our way. Anything from mental health, to disabilities, to anyone battling a sickness on their terms, etc. 

Our goal is to help make the world a better place, one sale at a time.

What Does "Aveng" Mean?

Aveng is our spin on the word Avenge. We as a business are supporting the people who are currently going through their own battle of health, whatever it may be. But what about the people who lost the fight? We stand here for them by our name. So, by wearing Aveng, you also support those who fought their battle and may have succumbed to the circumstance, because fighting illness is not a battle with an end. It is not a game of chess with a winner and a loser, it’s a way of life.

Our Mantra

We have a mantra here at Aveng when it comes to taking on challenges of health face-to-face; “be brave, be ruthless, be savage”. We want you to take whatever life throws at you, mentally or physically, and be brave to take it on, be ruthless towards it, and attack with savage.

Mission Statement

Aveng seeks to draw compassionate individuals looking to promote mental+physical health awareness by creating a support network nationwide, for those impacted. By focusing on face-to-face sales in Edmonton and surrounding, Aveng has a goal to grow to a national scale.