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About Aveng

What is Aveng?

Aveng is our spin on the word Avenge. We are a clothing company built with a business model of supporting people who are currently going through their own battle of mental health. But what about the people who lost the fight? We stand here for them by our name. By wearing Aveng, you also support those who fought their battle and may have succumbed to circumstance, because fighting illness is not a battle with an end. It is not a game of chess with a winner and a loser, it’s a way of life.

Produced in Canada, for Canada

RUTHLESS by Aveng | Creation of a Trend

Many have coined the term Ruthless to relate to someone as being intolerant, selfish or showing no emotions to others.  However here at Aveng, we want to relate the word in another way. Mental health is something that has affected every person in the world, at least once in their lifetime. Whether it was due to stress, anxiety, or loss of something or someone sentimental, we all have been through the thick and thin. Some people are scared to talk about their mental state in fear of what others will think of them. Others seek professional help from therapists and take medication to help cope with their unsettling mind. Aveng wants to break the stigma of mental health. We want you to embrace it and not hide it. WE WANT YOU TO BE RUTHLESS TOWARDS MENTAL HEALTH. We want you to show it no pity. We want you to not let it decide what you can and cannot do in life because of the way you are feeling. Shine bright and rise from the circumstances. Wear our logo to represent that you are here today battling and supporting not only yourself, but also your neighbours around you. Join the trend. BE RUTHLESS

Why Donate to the Canadian Mental Health Association

When choosing who to donate too, we wanted to donate to a mental health charity that actually does something with their donations. And that is why we chose the Canadian Mental Health Association. We choose to donate 10% of our profits to the CMHA Association because they are the number one charity regarding mental health here in Canada. They offer programs and services like their peer support Canada program. They even have recovery colleges which are colleges with programs to help people gain knowledge and skills of understanding one another and ourselves. Learn more about their programs and recovery colleges at their website via

Mission Statement 

Aveng seeks to draw compassionate individuals looking to promote mental health awareness by creating trend setting clothing. Aveng has a vision to grow these trends to a nation-wide scale.